Hello, my name is Annamaria, and I am a natural light photographer based in Elk Ridge, Utah. I am a mother to four strapping boys who are just as creative, silly, adventurous, and loving as I am.

They are my inspiration. They are the reason I became a photographer, when I first bought a dSLR camera ten years ago. I love watching my goof-balls play, bond, and laugh together…I love capturing those joyful, yet, fleeting moments. These boys of mine make me grow and stretch in so many ways. Being a mother is the highest title and calling I will ever have, and yet at times it can be the most difficult and frustrating adventure I’ve ever been on. Yet we still push forward through the thick and thin; we love each other despite our short-comings because we understand that our love for each other is the greatest gift we have. And my better half, my good husband, has given me wings to fly so that I can pursue my crazy ideas. Nothing compares to being supported, appreciated, and loved. I am blessed.

My happiest memories come from being in nature. I feel more alive, more free, more inspired, and more gratitude when I am in nature than when I am anywhere else. Add my family to this vision, and that is my heaven. In my photography, you will see this joy of nature incorporated in almost every image I take. In my experience, as I do sessions, I have noticed people open up and feel less pressure when in nature than anywhere else. Capturing your love, connection, and joy with those you treasure most is my passion and mission.